Kindle Formatting Service and 5 Reasons You Need It

Kindle formatting service
Kindle formatting service

Getting your book to look perfect with a Kindle formatting service can be a difficult endeavor.  Errors and extra spacing can make the Kindle format appear messy on eBook readers.  Trying to master page breaks, pilcrows and a clickable table of contents for your book can be difficult and frustrating.   Those finishing touches for it still need to be done, however, for a professional polish.  Good news!  Kindle formatting services are cheap!

Kindle Formatting Service

With our Kindle formatting service, you get it all!  Your file will be ready to upload after we’re done and it’s guaranteed to be perfect.  If you don’t know how to format an ebook, you need an expert who will turn your masterpiece into a book people will love to read.

Kindle is a dynamic format which means it needs to adjust depending on the readers device. People read on everything from cell phones to large tablets. Make sure your content looks great on any Kindle device!

We provide the source file with all our orders. The source file is a Word document that has all the formatting code in it. The source file makes it easy to adjust for things down the road. Need a quick change to style or content? The source file makes it a breeze. Always keep that with your records!

We Test the Kindle Format Thoroughly

On old and new Kindles as well as tablets and phone devices.   We make sure your book looks perfect on all-size screens.  You create the ebook and we make it look great!  Work is guaranteed and you get unlimited revisions!

Your book is your baby and we understand how important it is to you. We aren’t happy until you are. That would include design elements like flourishes, drop caps and other designs.

Kindle Format File Options and What You Get

We supply your file in any format you like.  Which includes Word, Mobi, ePub, HTML, PDF or KPF.

You get a clickable table of contents, removal of extra spacing, removal of hidden symbols (pilcrows), page breaks and anything else we see the book needs to look perfect.  We can even add a copyright and disclaimer if you wish.

Kindle Formatting Service

Cheap Kindle Formatting Service

Just like our book editing service our Kindle formatting is affordable.  Just $5 per 1,000 words! Ensure all your hard work looks perfect to readers.  For a free quote send your book over to use to have a look.

We can make a sample design draft to go over any style elements, fonts and trim sizes.

Feel free to ask questions and we can even walk you through the process of uploading and publishing!

Provide a Style Guide (Kindle Formatting Service)

If you would like specific indents, line spacing or margins just let us know.  You can also request drop caps or flourishes for some style. 

We can go over recommendations and send you drafts to pick from. We want your book to look perfect and can work with you one on one to get the job done.

Kindle Formatting Service

Our formatting service isn’t just for Kindle. It includes formatting for print for both hard and softcovers. With Kindle, you get a dynamic look with a clickable table of contents. With print, you get a static layout with a table of contents that has page numbers.

Your book will look great in every format. You get unlimited revisions to design elements. Often clients will spot something when they get a sample copy of the print version that they would like to change. No problem. We provide you with the source file so future changes are easy!

Kindle Formatting Service

Kindle Formatting Service

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