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kindle book editor

A Kindle book editor offers copy editing and proofreading to help get your book polished to read and look it’s best.  Editmojo also offers Kindle formatting!

Proofreading Kindle Book Editor

Proofreading would cover grammar and punctuation.  It’s a basic-level editing service for your Kindle book and a great way to help get a second pair of eyes on your book before publication.  I would only recommend proofreading for a book that is not only well written but has been read through and edited by the author a few times.  It’s to catch issues that slipped past the author to ensure a polished book is published.

Copy Editing for Kindle Books

For those Kindle authors that are looking for a higher-level edit, a copy edit will fit most needs. In fact, it’s the most common type of book editing.  A copy edit is a focus on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, consistency, pacing, flow, redundancies, tenses, dialog correction, transitions, clarity, general improvement and readability.

A great way to see how your Kindle book would benefit from a copy edit is to get a sample edit.  A great copy editor, like us here at Editmojo.com 🙂 will show you several improvements to your writing that you didn’t notice.  When you are too close to your work you often don’t see issues or areas of improvement.  Plus my sample edit is free and quick, so you’ve nothing to lose.

A copy edit is a sentence-level edit and is generally the perfect fit for most Kindle authors.

Kindle Book Editor
Kindle Book Editor

Kindle Book Editor – Developmental Editing

If your Kindle book needs content level book editing, a developmental edit is in order.  A developmental editor will make notes throughout your document to point out issues, areas of improvement and make suggestions.  It’s a great way to improve your writing and spot everything from plot holes to confusing information. A developmental edit will not include a copy edit.

A Heavy Edit for Your Book

A Kindle book editor that provides a heavy edit is perfect for books that need a lot of extra work.  For example, transcribed work or writing by a non-native English speaker, a writer who might not have an expert grasp of English grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and word context. Usually, this is found with writers who are expert in a language other than English. They may speak English well, but writing English is a whole other ball game.

Or, it might be someone who may not understand how to write dialogue and attributions yet write a book full of people speaking. You may just need a ton of issues addressed, like incorrect dialogue tags, tense corrections, or using English words in the wrong context.  So, whether you daydreamed through high school English or are not a native English-speaking writer, a heavy edit might be just what your book needs to be polished for an English-speaking audience. For Kindle books that need a lot of extra love, the heavy edit is highly recommended. 

Kindle books are either short to medium-length books or a companion option to a print book.  Authors that write Kindle books often write short to medium books (under 50K words) either in fiction or nonfiction.  The writing style differs a bit and having an editor that is compatible with your style of writing is important. 

Kindle Book Editor Sample Edit

The trick to finding a compatible Kindle book editor is a sample edit.  A sample edit will help you find which editor fits your needs.  Sample edits are for copy edits only.  A developmental edit is a more intense and encompassing edit and wouldn’t work for samples.  A free sample edit should be returned to you in a very short time.

If you alread published your book on KDP watch this tutorial.  

Kindle Books and Long-Term Profits

A lot of Kindle books are quick to write and sell cheap.  The fee of hiring an editor can quickly seem outside the scope of this type of book. However, even a cheap, short book will get negative reviews if errors are left throughout.  A low-rated book simply won’t sell.  Editing for your book shouldn’t be an afterthought.  Don’t wait to get negative feedback before considering an editor.

Kindle Book Editing

The fee for editing a short Kindle book is often low.  For example, a 5K word Kindle short for a proofreading service is $25.  A higher-end copy edit would be $50.  A new book is judged quickly and potential readers that see grammatical errors or poorly written content will skip it.  With the option to ‘Look Inside’ on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, readers can check out your content before they purchase.  Make sure it is error-free to encourage sales and positive reviews.

We also offer editing resume services.

Kindle Book Editor

Kindle Book Editor