How to Find Novel Editors

How to Find Novel Editors

What is a novel editor?

What is and how to find novel editors for your book? When you first decide to publish a novel, there are many options for finding the right editor. One of the first things to consider is what exactly a novel editor is. Contrary to common belief, novel editors don’t just fix spelling and grammar mistakes in your work. A novel editor can do many things to make your manuscript better. Choosing a proper editor can make all the difference in getting you on the bestseller list.

A novel editor specializes in fiction books and the trick is to find one that specializes in your genre

Benefits of a Novel Editor (How to Find Novel Editors)

A novel editor can be defined as “a person who edits a book.” While this may seem like a one-sided affair, it is anything but. As one of the most expensive stages of the literary industry, editing plays an integral part in a story’s overall quality. Without editors and their keen eyes, books would likely be left with many errors in either grammar or sentence structure.

Finding a good editor can be a difficult task. When authors are just starting, they may not realize how important this step is. It’s impossible to edit your own work, so it’s mandatory that you find and hire a professional editor.

How to Find Novel Editors

What you should know before hiring a novel editor

Hiring a novel editor is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Your editor shapes your work into a story that readers will love and remember, so think about many qualities when you’re deciding who to hire. You can do hundreds of hours of research and ask a lot of questions before hiring an editor, but the only way to know if someone will be right for your project is by working with them.  That’s where sample edits come in.  Always start with a sample edit to make sure you and the editor work well together. 

Things editors do and don’t do (How to Find Novel Editors)

It all depends on the type of editing you are looking for.  Most novel editors go with copyediting because it keeps the author’s voice but improves sentence-level flow and readability. 

A novel editor won’t make content-level changes but may point out issues in plot or content.  For authors looking for a big picture type of edit, skip a novel editor and go with a developmental editor.

When should I get a novel editor?

Getting a novel editor can be helpful, but when should you get one? It depends on a few factors, such as whether your book is complete. Do you need a developmental editor or a line editor? Finding an editor is easy; finding the right one can be tricky.  Reach out and get input from several.  Get a sample edit on the same content from multiple editors as well as the fee and the estimated delivery date.

Editors are busy so contact them when you have completed the book and are ready to move forward.  They are much more likely to give you their time if you are ready to go and they can fit you in.

How much does it cost to hire a novel editor?

How much does it cost to hire a novel editor? Even though writing is a creative art, it is also a business. You must consider various factors before hiring an editor.  Novel editing or copyediting starts around $15 per 1K words, give or take $5.  There might be other factors at play that would move the fee around.

Always hire per word count.  Page count and by the hour have too many variables, and you often spend a lot more than originally factored in. 

How to Find Novel Editors

Some common mistakes when hiring an editor

Don’t give them the 1st draft.  You are paying the editor a flat fee, make them struggle to find issues.  If you give them a 1st draft, they will spend all their time covering the basics because you didn’t bother to check or read through your own work first.

There is an error rate and multiple edits won’t ever remove that error rate.  Every book in the history of the published world has errors.  A lot of big authors even have sites and links to help readers report typos so they can be addressed in the next edition.  Why did their team of highly paid publisher-level editors miss those typos?  They are human, and there will always be an error rate. Normally around 2% per read-through.  In other words, if you get the book edited by ten professional editors, the tenth editor will still find errors.  Don’t expect the editor to return a flawless manuscript.

Options for finding a novel editor

Finding novel editors seems daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. And if you’re a first-time author and don’t know what agents and editors are looking for, it can make the process even more challenging. From Google to freelance sites, editors are a dime a dozen.  The trick to finding the right fit is to balance quality (sample edits) with budget and deadlines.  All of which you can get upfront before hiring an editor.

You don’t have to be a pro at writing to publish a successful book

The key to writing a book is simple: finding a good editor. There are millions of good writers out there who can’t find an editor. You need to find the right editor for you, and they are all over the place.

When you combine the right writing and editing, magic happens.  An editor can take your book to the next level keeping your content and voice intact.

Why a novel editor matters

A novel editor is a skilled and experienced specialist who can tell if aspects of your writing need work. A professional editor knows what will make your writing more engaging while adding value for the reader. When you want to make a positive change to your manuscript, connecting with a good editor is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

Find a novel editor to make your story the best it can be

Creative writing is hard – especially when you’re a novice – and that’s why you shouldn’t try to do it all on your own. Most writers I know also have jobs, families, and other responsibilities, so there just isn’t enough time for their part-time hobby to become a full-time job. If you want your story to be the best it can be, the time has come to find yourself a professional editor.

How to Find Novel Editors

How to work with your editor

Ask all your questions upfront.  You don’t want to avoid asking questions during the editing process and you absolutely don’t want to make changes on your end when the editor is working.

Give them room to do their work and let them be.  You may not agree with everything the editor changes or recommends.  That’s fine, and editors are used to that.  Don’t fear reversing changes or skipping advice.

Even the most talented writers can use an extra set of eyes

Writing a novel is an experience unlike any other. To some, it is the purest expression of intellect and imagination. For others, it is a painfully solitary activity reminiscent of the slow death from a wasting disease. Whether you are near the end or at the beginning, editing your own work can be difficult, if not impossible.

What type of editing can you do for me?

Novel editing can be a bit tricky. You want somebody who will check your work but at the same time not change the content or take it in a completely different direction. There are various types of editors you can hire for your novel; which type is best for you? Nine times out of ten, that answer is a copyedit.  However, if you need a lot of work, it might be a line edit or even a developmental edit. Reach out for a sample edit, and let’s look.

How to Find Novel Editors