The 5 Best Way to Get the Best Book Editor For Self-Publishing

book editor for self-publishing

Looking to hire a book editor for self-publishing? You’re in luck, a lot of editors that work for publishers are available for self-publishers. The best part? The fees are a fraction of what would come out of your advance or other costs when you hire directly as a self-publisher.

What can a book editor for self-publishing do for you?

Book editing is the process of revising your manuscript from a first draft to make it more marketable, understandable, effective, and pleasant to read. Editors will help you add greater depth to your story and increase its commercial appeal, making sure your sentences flow well and are clear without unnecessary repetition or verbosity, and suggest how you can improve your writing. An editor can also help you identify any grammatical or spelling errors you may have missed during the first draft stage.


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Benefits of hiring a book editor as a self-publisher

Editors zip through the book to make sure everything is spelled correctly and the story has been told accurately. Like a sculptor chiseling away at a block of marble to find the sculpture within, editors chip away at the prose to create lean, clear text in any genrefiction or nonfiction.

How to find the best book editor for your needs

It can be difficult to find the right book editor for your project. Here are some tips and ideas that can help you prioritize what is most important in an editor’s skill set:

  • Figure out what type of editing you need (Proofreading, Copyediting, Line editing, developmental editing, etc.)
  • Find at least three editors willing to provide a sample edit and compare apples to apples.
  • If you have a deadline, find editors that can accommodate the delivery
  • Pick the most budget-friendly with the highest sample edit quality

What you should know before hiring a book editor as a self-publisher

Book editing is the process of thoroughly reading and correcting all major and minor errors in your book. As a self-publisher, if you don’t hire an editor, you will have to be your own proofreader, which is very time-consuming and can only get you so far. Hiring a professional book editor can help save you a lot of time and effort. Editors not only correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors but also improve the flow of the book to make it more readable. They also check for consistency in writing style throughout your book.

Book Editor For Self-Publishing
Book Editor For Self-Publishing

What is the difference between copyediting and proofreading?

Copyediting is the process of reviewing text to ensure that your writing is correct (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax). Proofreading is a final check for spelling, grammar errors and mistakes in the logical flow of a document.

A common mistake in hiring a book editor as a self-publisher

All writers know that editing is important. And there are different kinds of editing with different prices. So how can you make an informed decision when you hire a book editor to help you publish your e-book or print-on-demand book?

Make sure you are ordering the right type of editing service.  If you want a developmental edit but hire a proofreader, they will not provide what you want.  It’s on you, the author, to make sure you have a clear idea of what you want and research the types of editing to pick the right type.

Why you need a book editor for self-publishing

Working with a professional editor can make the difference between having a finished work that you’re proud of and one that sits in your bottom desk drawer or hardrive.

An editor’s role is to improve clarity, readability and ultimately, the bottom line. Editors are very important. You should have one. They can help you improve your writing by spotting incorrect grammar, making sure your information is accurate, suggesting alternatives to sentences that are too long, paragraphs that are too boring and occasionally saying, “This sentence doesn’t work because XYZ.”

What to expect when hiring a book editor for self-publishing

When you hire an editor to help you with your manuscript, you entrust them with the greatest gift of all. You’re trusting them to make your book even better, to polish it so that an agent or publisher will want to represent it. An editor’s goal is to take your novel and make the writing “imitate” how you think and speak. From word choice to sentence structure, from plot holes to pacing problems, they will identify issues and offer editorial suggestions.

How much does it cost as a self-publisher to hire an editor?

This is the most common question asked. The answer has many variables, such as the type of editing the author wants. The average cost is $15 per 1K words.  Smaller companies and hiring directly will get you a better deal, and going with a large company will tack on some additional fees.

As a Self-Publisher, when should I consider looking for an editor?

Editing is recommended after the first draft of the manuscript is complete. Most editors will offer a critique in addition to an editing service. If self-publishing, a critique may be more beneficial as it provides your progress report to publication. While some authors may not feel they need an editor’s services, the detailed suggestions from a professional can help make your story stronger and more presentable to readers.

Book Editor For Self-Publishing

Book Editor For Self-Publishing