Kindle Book Formatting Service

Kindle formatting service

Getting your book to look perfect on Kindle can be a difficult endeavor.  Errors and extra spacing can make the Kindle format appear messy on eBook readers.  Trying to master page breaks, pilcrows and a clickable table of contents for your book can be difficult and frustrating.   Those finishing touches for it still need to be done, however,… Continue reading Kindle Book Formatting Service

Book Trailer | Worth it?

Book trailer

Book Trailer – One of the best ways to reach potential readers is through video.  A clean and simple book trailer is the perfect way to generate awareness and sales for your book.  It opens new opportunities to market adds a new level of professionalism to your book.  In today’s market, a self-publisher simply needs one.… Continue reading Book Trailer | Worth it?

Book Editing | $10 per 1K words | Hire a Book Editor!

Book Editing

BOOK EDITING What Type of Book Editing Do You Provide? Welcome to EDITMOJO! We offer professional editing in an easy to understand and affordable single package.  Our editing focuses on: What We Offer Grammar Punctuation Sentence structure Consistency Pacing Flow Redundancy removal Tense Dialog correction Transitions Clarity General improvement Readability Developmental notes The developmental notes… Continue reading Book Editing | $10 per 1K words | Hire a Book Editor!

Kindle Book Editor

kindle book editor

A Kindle book editor offers copy editing and proofreading to help get your book polished to read and look it’s best.  Editmojo also offers Kindle formatting! Proofreading Kindle Book Editor Proofreading would cover grammar and punctuation.  It’s a basic-level editing service for your Kindle book and a great way to help get a second pair of… Continue reading Kindle Book Editor