Top 5 Benefits of Self-Publishing Romance Books

self-publishing romance books

The benefits of self-publishing romance books are plentiful. One of the most obvious is that you can publish your book as soon as it’s finished, without the time and expense of finding an agent or publisher. You also have complete control over every aspect of your publishing process, from design to distribution to marketing.  Romance books can be short and sweet and are perfect for the self-publishing industry. 

Romance novels are the most popular genre in the book industry

A study from Bowker shows that romance novels are the most popular genre, accounting for 28% of total sales in the U.S. and 30% internationally. In 2021 alone, over 300 million books were sold globally!

You can take advantage of this popularity by publishing your own stories about love and happily-ever-afters.  With such a large market, there are readers everywhere.

How to publish your romance book without a publisher

You don’t need a publisher to publish your romance novel. There are many ways you can do it yourself without the time and expense of finding an agent or publisher.

– You can self-publish your book as soon as it’s finished, without having to find an agent or publisher first.

– You have complete control over every aspect of your publishing process, from design to distribution to marketing.

Self-published books make up almost half (45%) of total sales in America today! That number will only continue to grow if we keep producing more quality content that people want to read on their phones and tablets rather than just reading them at home as they used to. This means there is room for new authors and writers.

– The most popular way is to use

How to self-publish romance books without an editor

So you don’t need an editor to be successful?

That’s wrong: hiring an editor is a good thing and will help your book look polished. But if you’re on a budget or just testing the waters with this self-publishing thing before investing in professional editing services, then there are things that you can do yourself without too much time investment. You’ll still want to run spellcheckers over it, of course! There are also some free tools like Grammarly, which will make sure your sentences read well, but it’s always worth proofreading one last time before publishing anything for everyone else to see.

The romance novel market is worth billions of dollars

The market is huge and there’s always someone reading a romance novel. Romance novels are the most popular genre in publishing. There is room for you and millions of other romance authors.

If you want to publish a romance novel, there are many different routes you can take.

You can go the self-publishing route, or you can try to get an agent and submit your work.

You need to do some research before you decide what the best option is for you, but one thing’s for sure: if romance novels are what’s got your heart racing, then there will be a way for them to race straight into readers’ hands.

You could self-publish your book on Amazon or other online retailers

Amazon is the most popular place to self-publish books, and you can also use other online retailers like Barnes & Noble to do the same.

You may have heard of Kickstarter or Patreon as ways to self-publish books: these are platforms where people create a campaign to get funding for their projects.

If romance is your genre, then this could be an excellent way to go about it! It’s easy enough for anyone who wants to write romance novels – just start by signing up with one of those sites.

The choice is yours. Whether you want Amazon Publishing (which will publish only Kindle eBooks and print) or places like PubIt and Smashwords, which give you more options when publishing through them, there will always be plenty of opportunities whatever route you choose.

Self-Publishing Romance Books
Self-Publishing Romance Books

If you have a publisher interested in publishing your book, they might offer to help with marketing and distribution for free 

If you are on the fence about self-publishing and have a publisher interested, see if they offer marketing. That’s really the only benefit to go with a publisher when it comes to writing romance books.  However, you can do your own marketing as a self-publisher too.

Write a steamy romance novel readers will love (Self-Publishing Romance Books)

What type of romance are you writing? If it’s traditional, then people will be looking for steamy and emotional. There are plenty of resources to help you create a story that is highly engaging with your readers.

Have clear goals in mind, e.g., happy ending or not; genre at play; character types, etc., any ideas already written down, such as storylines.

What are some great places to sell romance books online?

Self-published romance is in demand. But from where? There are plenty of great places to sell romance books online.

Below are some websites you should look into for selling your book:

– Amazon

– Kobo Books

– Smashwords

-Barnes and Noble

-Crowdfunding sites

If possible, try not to make the entire story a freebie as it will devalue your work, which we want to avoid. If you offer excerpts from your books as samples or on other platforms, give readers an incentive such as a discount code that some retail locations offer.

How to make your book stand out from the crowd

You want to get your book noticed, but how? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

– Find out what other romance books readers like and then do the opposite. Give them something different than they’re used to, which will draw more attention.

– Be consistent with your messaging from one page of your website or blog to another so that there’s no question about who is writing these books.

– Join groups on Facebook where readers can interact about their favorite authors/books for added exposure

– Offer giveaways using social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram when possible, directing people back to your site to enter if necessary. – If there’s an event coming up near you, make sure you share it on all of your platforms.

How many romance books should I self-publish?

Readers love a good romance series, something they can read for a long time. Some authors write just one romance novel, but it’s more common for an author to publish three or four novels in a series. And then, of course, start up another series.

Research other books in your chosen genre and find out what makes them different from one another

Take a look at all the romance genres around and pick the ones you are interested in. There are so many different sub-genres—things like romance novels with a sci-fi or fantasy edge.

For example, paranormal mysteries where the heroine is one of those people who can see ghosts and they’re trying to catch some serial killer. These books have been trendy lately!

Researching what makes other books successful in your chosen market might help reduce confusion when it comes down to writing the novel itself! It’s always a good idea before starting something new to understand how others do things first hand.

Self-Publishing Romance Books – Genre Conclusion:

Self-publishing has made it possible for anyone to tell their story. Whether you’ve written a romance novel or want to try your hand at writing one, many benefits come from self-publishing. The first is the freedom of creativity and storytelling without any limits on what can be included. Second, we have found that people who enjoy reading romance novels also enjoy writing them.  The more you read, the better the writing, and self-publishing romance is a great way to pump out short, no-holds-barred romance!

Self-Publishing Romance Books

Self-Publishing Romance Books