The Benefits of Self-Publishing Romance Books

The benefits of self-publishing romance books are plentiful. One of the most obvious is that you can publish your book as soon as it’s finished, without the time and expense of finding an agent or publisher. You also have complete control over every aspect of your publishing process, from design to distribution to marketing.  Romance… Continue reading The Benefits of Self-Publishing Romance Books

Book Trailer | Worth it?

Book trailer

Book Trailer – One of the best ways to reach potential readers is through video.  A clean and simple book trailer is the perfect way to generate awareness and sales for your book.  It opens new opportunities to market adds a new level of professionalism to your book.  In today’s market, a self-publisher simply needs one.… Continue reading Book Trailer | Worth it?

Book Marketing Tips

Attract More Readers | Sell More Books Top 3 Factors Title Hook (subtitle) Cover These three factors must be based on a strong emotional pull specific to your target market. Is your book zombie horror? You need to hit your audience in the gut with horror with each part. This is the ‘stickiness factor’ a… Continue reading Book Marketing Tips